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This Website is designed to inform First Nations of Australia and all Australians the importance of backing The First Nations of Australia Sovereign Birthrights.  There is special attention paid to the Constitutional Reform and the problems it poses not only for First Nations of Australia but all Australians.

Please read through the various press releases and notifications.  We encourage all First Nations to know their rights and to be fully informed of Governmental Procedures and Legislations affecting Sovereign Birthrights.

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Self Determination

What is Self Determination?

26/03/2013 23:58
Self Determination is the right to make decisions of ones own affairs and the right to a Self Governance or Self Govern.  The Black Laws Dictionary explains that Self Determination is:- “The freedom of the nation has its correlate in the sovereignty of the nation. Political...


What is a Treaty

14/04/2013 17:43
    A Treaty is a Contract under Customary International Law which binds one Sovereign State to another in an agreement.

First Nations ‘Sovereign States’ must have a Governance to participate in a Treaty

14/04/2013 18:23
    First Nations can either Treaty via their Tribal Nations or join together to Treaty as ‘One’ People. Their can be ‘clauses’ inside a joint Treaty as ‘One’ People to acknowledge separate Tribal Nations as per prior to Colonisation.