'Indigenous' Governance models from within the Westminister System Do Not Work

03/04/2013 03:41


'Indigenous' Governance models from within the Westminister System have too slow response times for recommendations made by Aboriginal People. 

One simple recommendation to Government can take years to implement due to all the Legislative Acts that hinder process. 

Again we need a Governance outside these confinements which can only be met by an Asserted Sovereign Stance by accessing and utilising 'Blackfella' way. 

Please understand that 'Indigenous' Governance models from within the Westminister's System do not work and too often have no Accountability to produce Accountable Outcomes. 

Millions of Dollars gets wasted on Government Red Tape Procedures at the 'Expense' of 'Indigenous' Budget allocations which are controlled by Non Indigenous Beaurocrats Dictating without 'Consent', Procedure. 

We must have our Own Governance Models that produce swifter Outcomes with adequate Accountability attached. 

This can be achieved. 

The Australian Government fail time and time again and now it is time for us to stand up and assert our Sovereign right of 'Consent' to aid in better due process.