How is First Nations Sovereignty established?

26/03/2013 22:32

First Nations Sovereignty is established by our Birthrights.

Our birthright Sovereignty is:-
1) Bloodline (Bloodline as determined by our parents lineage)
2) Connection (to country)
3) knowledge (of country)
In 1992 the ‘Mabo’ Case (Mabo v Queensland No 2) Established Sovereignty for all First Nations People in Australia under the Westminister Law.  This enactment occurred by 'Terra Nullius' being overthrown.   
'Terra Nullius' (a land of no people) was wrongfully used by the British Colonisers in Australia to ignore the 'Doctrine of Discovery' instructions of gaining 'Informed' Consent from the First Nations people for Land Issues and matters affecting First Nations People.

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