Section 51 (xxvi) Is all about the Commonwealth's actual need for power

02/07/2015 00:08
    Proposed Alteration to Section 51 (xxvi) Is all about the Commonwealth's actual need for power.    The Australian Government has been having Constitutional issues since the implementation of the 1901 Act. Constitutional Lawyer Anne Twomey noted in her research that the...

Evaluation of Legislation amendments

01/07/2015 23:43
Recognition of Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander People in the Australian Constitution. Have a look at how the Commonwealth Government gain power and how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People lose. There are no rights placed in for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. The...

Race Power

21/06/2015 01:00
There are Constitutional Amendments on top of the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into the Constitution for the proposed Referendum. One of the amendments (changes) is Section 51(xxvi) of the Australian Constitution. So lets get to know Section 51(26) of the Australian...


What is Recognise?

21/06/2015 01:32
In the Black Law's Dictionary 'Recognise' is to 'enter into a recognisance'. RECOGNIZANCE is explained in the Black Law's Dictionary as 'binding'. Furthermore to enter into RECOGNIZANCE is to 'keep the peace' and to 'pay a debt'. "It resembles a bond, but differs from it in being an...

No Campaigns for Recognition - Facebook

21/06/2015 01:36
  Vote 'NO' To Constitutional Change   Anti Recognise Campaign   We Oppose Recognition   Recognise : Government Campaign   SAY NO TO Constitutional Recognition: group   

Recognition Survey with Statistics

21/06/2015 01:55