Land Rights Taken URGENT

13/02/2013 18:20


A vote was passed today in the House of Reps for a 2 year 'Sunset Clause' for the Implementation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as a preamble on the Australian Constitution.  


  • The repercussions of this action is First Nations Sovereignty is removed under  "Westminister Law" undoing the victory of the Mabo Case.  


  • Land Rights and Native Title under Westminister's Law becomes void because without Sovereignty there is no Native Title Rights.


  • There was 'No Informed Consent' by the Tribes except for the same Tokenistic hand appointed Indigenous Sellouts who benefit themselve's from high Government incomes.


  • Public campaigns, Public Protests, Declarations, Press Releases and Letters from First Nations opposing the Legislation have been completely ignored.  


The Bill is Set to be Passed in the Senate on the 25th of February 2013 making the loss of Sovereignty effective Immediatlly for the 2 year 'Sunset Clause' period.  However the House of Reps passed it on Sorry Day with no Public Notification.


This is a call out for an Urgent Red alert around Australia.  


We have done our best of notifying our people with only a 2 week notice ourselves with no budget allocated for a fair democratic public campaign.  


 This theft by deception Legislative Bill has now passed.



NB: The Vote was made on the 5th Anniversary of The Rudd Apology followed through with a 'Sorry' Concert.


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