Land Rights at Risk !!

26/03/2013 18:02

On Thursday 31st January 2013 a Labor Member made a public announcement stating: 


“Attention: The Parliament will vote on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Recognition Bill 2012 on Wednesday 13 February.  If you are able to attend it would be great to have as many people there as possible.  Please also forward this on to your networks.”


The Government who dropped plans of a Referendum because Jenny Macklin thought that Australians ‘couldn’t be trusted to make the right decision’ has decided to run with a ‘Dictatorship’ amendment rather than a ‘Democratic’ procedure.  


‘Dictatorship’ amendments were made possible because of the ‘Fraudulent’ 1967 Referendum.  Please see the following fact sheet for further information.


You Me Unity is part of ‘Reconciliation Australia’ which was injected 10 million dollars to campaign for Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.


The campaign on the ‘You Me Unity’ website provides misleading explanations of Sovereignty using Government Appointed and not Community Appointed Public Servants like Les Malezer to speak on behalf of First Nations People behind the Government set up National Congress of Australia's First Peoples which is also not endorsed by first nations people. 


Les Malezer ‘s misleading comments about Sovereignty on the ‘You Me Unity’ websiste where  it is stated “He felt that sovereignty is a political issue, not a legal dispute, and therefore is not something to be tied in with constitutional recognition.”


This is the type of misleading information that 10 million dollars is using to mislead a whole Nation of people.  


Sovereignty is in every way a legal dispute and is made a ‘Political Facade’ by the Government to desensitize a Nation of people that First Nations Sovereignty and therefore Land Rights is at risk.


First Nation’s Land Rights in Australia and Sovereignty is a Birth Right under International Law.  The same Law that Authorised the Queen of England her Sovereignty and rights to her Land in England.


Australia is in Breach of International Law!


The 1967 Referendum was a fraudulent Referendum where our First Nations People remain Non Australian Citizens.  The 1967 Referendum gave Federal Jurisdiction to make ‘Dictatorship’ decisions on First Nations People only.


All is declared ‘Null and Void’!


Protest is declared at the Australian Parliament House on the 13th February declaring the Fraudulent Proceedings that intend to dismantle Land Rights and Sovereignty granted under Westminister’s Law by the Supreme Court Mabo Case.