Fact Sheet on Why to Vote "NO" to Constitutional Reform: URGENT MATTER FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS!

26/03/2013 00:00

Vote "NO" to Constitutional Reform to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in it


In March 2009 The Australian Government was “found guilty by a United Nations Body of practicing racial discrimination against its own citizens.” (https://www.eniar.org/humanrights.html)


The capacity for the Australian Government to conduct the racial discrimination in question was made possible by the ‘Yes’ vote in the 1967 referendum in which all Australians were deceived.


1967 Referendum

In 1967 Good will Australian Citizens thought they were voting ‘Yes’ for ‘Aborigines’ for the right to vote. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people already had the right to vote after Legislative changes in 1962.


•"The 1967 referendum did not give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples the right to vote. This right had been legislated for Commonwealth elections in 1962, with the last State to provide Indigenous enfranchisement being Queensland in 1965." (The 1967 referendum – Fact sheet 150 : National Archives of Australia)


What really was the 1967 Referendum?

•Inclusion of ‘Aborigines’ in the Census

•Commonwealth Government could make independent laws for Aboriginal People (seehttps://www.creativespirits.info/aboriginalculture/history/ referendum-1967.html)


What impact has the 1967 Referendum had on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia?

The Impact has been lethal for our people’s rights. Northern Territory Intervention was supposedly put in place to prevent child abuse yet youth suicide has doubled since its enforcement. Pedophile rings remain rampant in Northern Territory headed by Non Indigenous people. Mining Royalties in the Northern Territory have been seized by Jenny Macklin’s office and devied out as a ‘basics card’. In order to receive the payment allegations is those Aboriginal People have to ‘work’ for the ‘dole’ which in effect is slavery and robbery of Royalties.

•The Northern Territory Intervention is already moving around the country to various areas in 2012.


1967 Referendum is deceitful as like the coming Referendum

Australians Public were deceived in the 1967 Referendum and are being deceived again on the coming Referendum. A ‘Yes’ vote will surrender Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal ‘Sovereign’ Stance as first Nations and amalgamate on to Australian Government ‘Colonial’ Sovereign Stance which has still never proven its Legal Jurisdiction.

•The impact of amalgamation is losing the chance of a ‘Sovereign Treaty’ for this generation and future generations.

•The Australian Government can still enforce Laws that Breach International Human Rights that are target specific for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Australian Government and Mining Companies in Particular benefit from a ‘yes’ vote

The Australian Government and Jenny Macklin’s office have easier access to Mining Royalties outside the Northern Territory that should normally belong to the original ‘Land Owners’ (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People).


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have no extra benefit from a ‘yes’ vote

Our people actually lose all land ownership aquistition rights under Australian Constitutional Law.

  • We will have no “Land Rights” yet thanks to the deceit of the 1967 Referendum the Australian Government can continue to make laws such as ‘Interventions’ to control, manipulate and even wipe us out all under their ‘Australian Constitution’ which holds no law against Genocide.
  • “Australia is now recognised as the only country in the world with a Constitution which permits racially discriminatory laws” (Chair of Oxfam Ms Hedy D'Ancona, Sydney Morning Herald, 30 October 2000).


We request that A Sovereign Treaty be the implementation and Constitutional Amendment for Constitutional Reform. 


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