Fact Sheet 2 Constitutional recognition: THE BASICS

27/08/2012 17:41

Constitutional recognition: THE BASICS

  • What is the main problem/s with constitutional recognition?


The main problem for constitutional recognition is that Aboriginal People will be surrendering our Sovereign Stance which is rights to Land Rights and Sacred Sites.  Self Determination being the acting principal behind our Sovereignty becomes abolished and we surrender ourselves to Non Indigenous running all our affairs and writing and implementing policies directly toward us.  This is already happening but in effect is a breach of our Sovereign Rights.  Constitutional Recognition formalises assimilation as a permanent stance.


  • What negative impacts will it have on indigenous people (i.e. land rights etc)?


Impacts on Land Rights means we have surrendered our Sovereign Stance to be entitled to Land Rights under Crown Law.


  • What do you think is the REAL motive for the government’s push for constitutional recognition? How will the government benefit from including indigenous people in the constitution? Who else will benefit - the mining companies?


The real motive behind Constitutional Recognition is greed for money and resources from our land as a cheap Land Acquistition entitlement.  We are being asked in effect to give our land away for free for the grand prize of our Aboriginal Status to be enlisted on a Constitution that should be abolished and Null and Void due to the Terra Nullius abolishment.


  • How will it affect the sovereignty movement? Is constitutional recognition an attempt to quash the sovereignty movement?


Constitutional Recognition is a sneaky way to abolish our Sovereign Status permanently by ignoring Judicial and legal obligations.


In Nuggett Coombes last publication he highlights that Australia for the past 200 years has been ignoring all English instructions by their masters.  Aboriginal people were not to be interfered with or their rights interfered with for the expansion of British Colonies.

  •  What do you think about the indigenous people who have come out in support of constitutional recognition? (Mick Dodson, Noel Pearson etc.)


Aboriginal People who have come out to support Constitutional Recognition for our people are either stupid or in fact are receiving personal benefit for encouragement of surrendering our Sovereign Stance entitled to us from birth.  It is correct to say this is ‘selling out’ but in effect their is no profit for this move only losses for all people of Australia.  Indigenous Leaders such as Mick Dodson and the likes continue to to mislead, miseducate and deceive the public.

  • What do you think of YouMeUnity?


YouMeUnity is a glossy marketing campaign to benefit the Government and mining companies lining up for benefits once we lose our Sovereign stance.  The Government have the audacity to spread word they give money to Aboriginal People but in reality is spent on these multi million dollar campaigns that benefit our people none.


  • What should be done instead (what is the alternative to constitutional recognition - the fight for sovereignty and a treaty between indigenous people and the white Australian government?) How can the wider indigenous community help with this?


A treaty is imperative for the benefit and security of all Australians.  A treaty will in effect become the new constitution.  Australia is desperate for a new Constitution.  The current Constitution should be made Null and Void as well as declared Fraudulent based on deceit to all Australians.  The current Constitution needs to be abolished.


  • What is the next step in fighting against the government’s push for constitutional inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?


We need to educate all Australians from all cultures that the Government often camouflage inconsistencies into policies and Legislation changes are quite often cover ups for the Current Constitutional breaches.  The Government is not only dishonest and morally abhorrent but are Criminally accountable for deceit really being fraudulent.




Questions by Callum Clayton-Dixon for National Indigenous Times.