7th February First Nations Protest for Constitutional Change

07/02/2013 17:51


Today's Protest against the Illegal Constitutional Change started at the Tent Embassy with guest speakers and representatives from Brisbane Embassy Paul and Boe Spearim,  Nyoonga / Yamatji Representative Graham Merritt, OSTF Representative Mark Mc Murtrie, Sovereign Union Reps, Gamilaraay Reps and Gamilaraay photography from Barbara McGrady all marched to Parliament House Canberra.


The Government being sly and strategic as they are, were voting changes whilst we were marching up the hill.  We were met with 2 police officers on bikes with the TRG hiding under the stairs exposed and caught out by a 2 year old protester.


Proving to us the Governments underhanded way by moving the vote date a week earlier and then further planned a vote whilst we were marching. The Government used their sly tactics to vote irrespective of the obvious objections already made public by First Nations Australia Wide.  The Government passed the legislation through the Upper House and completely ignoring the Declaration of  'No Jurisdiction' and No 'Informed Consent.'


We all delivered our Concerns and disgust  to the Media in the process.  The Union Jack was removed and burnt in an act of defiance against the passing of the Bill.